How to Save Energy at Home in Weird and Wonderful Ways

The average household in the UK is now having to fork out £1,163 a year to their energy provider1. And with prices constantly fluctuating, many people are taking things into their own hands to help save energy at home.

There are plenty of energy saving myths, as well as the more well-known ways – such as washing at 30 degrees, keeping doors shut and insulating your home. But here are some more obscure ways that you might not have thought could help you save some cash at home.

Ways to save energy at home

Use an Energy Efficient Oven

A halogen oven can roast a chicken in just 30 minutes and overall, they cook a lot more efficiently than a normal oven, because they use 75% less electricity2. Combined with the lower use of power and a much quicker cooking time, you could see a big reduction in your electricity bill over a year.

Turning the oven off

Rather than purchasing an energy efficient oven, why not try turning the oven off sooner. You might not realise, but by turning your oven off just before the cooking time comes to an end, could save yourself some money. The food will continue to cook in the remaining heat and if you get into the habit of doing this five minutes before the end each time you’re cooking, the savings could soon tot up.

Using an Eco shower

The average length people spend in the shower is around 8 minutes and in that time an estimated 60 litres of water is used3. If you’re a fan of a long shower, it might be worth considering getting an eco-shower head, as they control how much water is used. You can use these on non-electric showers and it’s thought they can save a family of four around £72 a year on heating and £78 on water bills, with a water meter.4

Saving rainwater to save money

Using empty pots in the garden can be a good way to save water. The rainwater can be collected and then used to water your plants or to clean your car and will reduce the amount you’re spending on water if you have a meter.

Blocking your chimney

If you’ve got an unblocked fireplace it could mean you’re losing quite a bit of money up the chimney. You can cap your chimney or, if you don’t use the fire, you could block the draught with an inflatable chimney balloon.

Thinking you could save money by switching energy provider?

If you’re considering switching providers, the good news is we can help, as we’re set to launch our first Big Noddle Energy Switch of 2018 on 14th February. And you can join in for free, as long as you’re signed up to Noddle.

What’s The Big Noddle Energy Switch? The idea is that we get a big group of Noddlers together – including your family and friends – who all want to get a better deal on their energy tariff (to be eligible and benefit, friends and family will need to register with Noddle separately by 14 February).

We then use this joint bargaining power to secure an ultra-low tariff from a Big Six supplier, who’ll bid for your business, by offering the lowest tariff they can.

Here’s how it works

  1. Registration: register by 13th February, free with no obligation
  2. The Auction: Suppliers will compete for your business by reverse-bidding; which means they’ll offer lower and lower tariffs until the lowest of the low offer comes in to win.
  3. The Winning Deal: We’ll email you with the winning tariff and you can choose whether to switch or not.
  4. Switch and Save: If you choose to switch supplier, Noddle and energyhelpline will organise the simple transfer for you, quickly and for free.

…And that’s all it takes to save £100s.

We’ll be sending out more information shortly, so keep an eye out on your inbox and our blog.

And remember, you can also use our energy comparison tool all year round when you’re a Noddle member, which will show you how your current tariff compares with others.

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