Switch or stick, spend or save

Hands up if the return of the cold weather has got you thinking about your energy bills. If it has, you’re probably not alone. It seems the end of October brings with it the ‘switch or stick’ dilemma, as we grapple with whether or not we should find another energy deal (or if we can be bothered to). However, what we might not realise is what we’re actually asking ourselves is ‘do we save money or spend it?’ After all, research has shown that switching suppliers can save households around £200 on average[1].

Savvy Brits looking to save

It seems more and more of us might be choosing to save money this year, at least when it comes to electricity. September figures from Energy UK revealed that 550,000 switched electricity supplier in the last month of Q3 – up 46% on the same month in 2016[2].

“There are great savings to be made either by checking with your existing provider or by switching to one of over 50 suppliers in the market,” Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK said. “So our advice to consumers is follow in four million footsteps and make sure you are on the best deal.”

Cut costs with the Big Noddle Energy Switch

The good news is that if you’re a Noddler, you can easily switch to a super-cheap energy deal, because the Big Noddle Energy Switch is now underway and we’ve secured the cheapest big six gas and electricity deal right now in the UK.

The deal is from SSE and you could save up to £246 on your energy by making the move[3].

All you have to do to switch is click the link below or call 0800 804 7499. Noddle does all the hard work for you, so it really couldn’t be simpler to get cheaper energy.

However, don’t delay, as you only have until midnight on November 14th to switch.

Don’t worry ….

Your energy supply won’t be disrupted and you can still switch to the deal if you’re already an SSE customer.



[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/household-energy-savings-through-switching-supporting-evidence/many-households-could-save-around-200-per-year-through-switching-energy-supplier-basis-for-claim

[2] http://www.energy-uk.org.uk/press-releases/370-2017/6309-follow-in-four-million-footsteps-september-switching-soars.html

[3] The main collective winner from Scottish and Southern costing a national average of £889 a year is the cheapest big six gas and electricity deal right now in the UK. This is for an average UK home paying by monthly direct debit and on an average property as stipulated by Ofgem figures. The next cheapest big six deal costs £898 a year on average and is from E.ON Go Online 1 Year v2 Paperless. The typical cost of a UK gas and electricity bill is currently £1,135 a year, £246 a year more than £889.