Energy saving – the myth buster

When it comes to saving money on energy bills, everyone seems to have a different trick that they think works best. However, you might be surprised to find out that some of the things you think are effective for keeping costs down, are actually complete myths.

You can check out some of the top energy saving myths below…


Myth 1: Turning the thermostat up will mean the house heats up quicker.

False. Unfortunately the higher the temperature on your thermostat, the more your energy consumption and costs could be. Believe it or not, your boiler will work at the same rate, no matter what you’ve set your thermostat to. As tempting as it may be when it’s cold, it’s best to set the temperature to be between 18 & 21C and keep it there.


Myth 2: Electronics don’t guzzle up energy after they’re switched off

False. Even if things like your TV, radio and phone charger are on standby mode, they can still be taking power from the sockets. The best way to stop them guzzling up energy and racking up costs is to switch off at the wall or unplug them completely.


Myth 3: I’ve been with my energy supplier for years, so they reward me for my loyalty.

False. Unfortunately most energy suppliers will offer their best deals to attract new customers, so it doesn’t always pay to stay loyal to one supplier. It’s always best to review what you’ve spent on energy at the end of each quarter and then see if you’re getting the best deal.

If you’re thinking of switching at the moment, the good news is that if you’re signed up to Noddle, you could take part in the Big Noddle Energy Switch until 14th March 2018.

You could potentially save up to £650 a year1on your energy bills through a great deal from British Gas:

If you’re wanting to switch, click the link below or call 0800 804 7499. Your energy supply won’t be disrupted and you can still switch if you’re already a British Gas customer.

Myth 4: My stuff that’s stored in the loft insulates the house

False. Having things like boxes of Christmas decorations in your loft won’t help when it comes to insulating your home. In fact, they could be having the opposite effect, especially if you’re keeping them on top of your insulation, as you could be squashing it and making it less effective. If you do need to store things up there, use an area near to the hatch, then add insulation only to the level of the joists and put insulated boards in so you can keep your boxes on there.


Myth 5: If I get solar panels I’ll never have to pay for electricity again

False. Solar panels can generate electricity that can be used in your home, but they can only produce it during daylight hours. And, because most panels are connected to the electricity grid, there’s no way of storing this electricity for later. So, if you’re out of the house in the day and then get back when it’s dark, there’s no way of using the electricity that was generated earlier. The panels could help reduce your electricity bills, but won’t mean you never have to pay for a bill again.


1 10% of Big Noddle Energy Switch participants saved £650 or more during the last Collective switching period, which ran from 17 October – 20 November 2017 (221 customers took part in the last Collective)

*The main collective winner from British Gas, costing an average £910 a year. This is for an average UK home paying by monthly direct debit.