6 ways to winter proof your home

Summer is over and for some it’ll be a happy respite from the sweltering temperatures, but now you’re probably thinking about how to keep the cold out rather than inviting it into your home. Not only will you want to keep cosy and warm but the winter weather can also leave your house fairly vulnerable. Preparing your property in advance of the harsh weather can help avoid forking out on heating bills, maintenance and repair work if there are damages or an unexpected breakdown.

Checked your roof?

Your roof will likely take a battering this winter, as it works hard to keep the rain and snow out. Consequently, it should be one of the first things you check as we head into the colder months. Cracked or missing tiles or slates on the roof can allow rain to seep into the house, which could cause damp and rot.

Bleed the radiator

It sounds a lot more difficult than it actually it is. You’ll know if your radiators need bleeding if the bottom is hot whilst the top remains cold.

To bleed it, make sure you turn off the heating first. Next, grab a towel and a bleed key, then turn the valve at the top of your radiator clockwise until you hear a hiss – don’t worry this is just trapped air. Hold the towel in place to catch any water that may dribble out when you release the air and close the valve once the water starts to flow. Do this before winter really kicks in to ensure they’re working efficiently.

Clamp down the draughts

When you’ve got the heating on the last thing you’ll want is it escaping, as this will force you to turn thermostat up even more. This only wastes money, which is why you’ll want to cut heat loss as much possible and blocking off any draughts can make a huge difference. Some common places to check for draughts are around edges of window frames, gaps under doors and around the letterbox. You can buy draught excluders online without breaking the bank.

Clean up your gutters and drains

Give your gutters a good clear-out of all the leaves and debris that tends to clog them. It’s not the most glamorous job but it can prevent damp from getting into your walls and causing damage. Also, an insurance claim for water damage could be rejected if it happened as a result of a blocked pipe.

Turn your thermostat down

Something as simple as turning your thermostat down can actually make a huge difference to your finances, whilst ensure you don’t have to compromise on keeping warm. According to Energy Saving Trust, turning your thermostat down by one degree could save around £80 a year.*

Get your boiler serviced

Prep your boiler before winter arrives by getting it serviced to ensure there’s no unexpected breakdown just when you needed it most. Check to see if an annual service is part of your boiler guarantee before you start searching for a registered engineer.

We may not get a white Christmas but prepping your home in advance of any unexpected harsh weather and colder temperatures will save you time and money. For more tips and money saving ways on how to stay warm during the colder months, read our blog article 10 ways to keep your house warmer this winter without breaking the bank.


*Based on a typical three-bedroom semi-detached home. March 2016, Energy Saving Trust