5 Things You Need For Your Mobile

Each year you will spend an average of 23 days on your mobile phone, according to MobileInsurance.com¹. That’s a lot of time!

To ensure you enjoy using your phone, here are 5 essentials that you’ll probably want to get your hands on.

  1. WhatsApp and Messenger

Ok, technically not one essential but two. However, these apps are now smartphone must-haves so you can send as many messages, pictures and videos as you want, without worrying about SMS costs. Let’s face it, they’re pretty fun and ideal when you have some time to kill on the commute. If you’re away from home a lot, they’re also great for keeping in touch with loved ones and you can even make phone calls via WhatsApp as long as you have Wi-Fi.

  1. Mobile phone insurance

Raise your hand if you’ve ever accidentally smashed your phone screen. What about dropping your phone down the loo? The truth is that accidents happen and when they do, they can be pricey to fix, especially now that most of us have expensive smart phones. That’s why mobile phone insurance is often recommended. For a reasonably small fee (usually below £10 per month²), you can have peace of mind that if your phone is damaged, lost or stolen, you’ll be financially covered. Of course, not all policies offer the same level of coverage, so check to see what incidents are actually included in the policy. You may also have to pay an excess when you claim for certain policies.

  1. Portable phone charger

There’s nothing worse than seeing your phone battery slip lower and lower with no charger in sight, especially if you’re stranded somewhere. A portable charger means this never has to happen again, as you can charge your phone without access to a laptop or power socket.

  1. OlloClip

OlloClip offers a range of clip-on lenses for your phone so you can take a whole host of professional-style images without having to carry a DSLR or pro camera around with you. Lenses include the likes of fish-eye and wide-angle, meaning you can get some really great, interesting shots that aren’t possible on your normal phone camera. With the quality of phone cameras improving all the time, gadgets like OlloClip mean you can get the most out of them and achieve pro-style images, without having to use multiple devices.

  1. Phone case and screen protector

As an added bonus, if you do decide to sell on your phone when you purchase a new one, you’re more likely to get a decent price for it if it’s in good condition, so a phone case and screen protector are wise investments.

Final word to the wise

While all these things will hopefully help you enjoy your mobile more, it’s important that you get the right contract first. Check your credit score to see if you’re in a good position to be approved for the best deals and shop around to see what’s on the market. You should also look to see what insurance packages providers are offering as well, because sometimes it can be easier to bundle everything together.

Nevertheless, with Brits spending nearly a month each year on their phones, whatever you do, just make sure you’re happy with your mobile without breaking the bank.

¹ Poll: 2,314 mobile phone owners aged 18 or over from around the UK

² Price accurate as of July 11th 2016