Stubhub Cyber Attack

Stubhub, the latest cybercrime victim

Stubhub, an online marketplace owned by eBay which sells tickets for sports, live concerts and theatre events, is the latest company to become a victim of cyber theft.

Cyber thieves got into more than 1000 Stubhub customers’ accounts and fraudulently bought tickets for events through the online ticket reseller.

This wasn’t the usual hacker fraud though, as the thieves didn’t break through the Stubhub security directly. In this case, the conmen got hold of the account holders’ login and password information from data breaches at other websites or through other malware on the customers’ computers.

It is unclear whether the digital prowlers used these details to exploit their access to scoop up more information from the compromised accounts, or whether they tried the same account information on different website, as people tend to use the same password for a number of different websites.

You can read the full story about Stubhub by clicking here. In this case, victims were lucky. Once fraudulent transactions were detected on a given account, customers were immediately contacted by Stubhub’s trust and safety team, who refunded any unauthorised transactions. In addition, the criminals were found and arrests have been made, but one expert said the breaches should act as a wake-up call to the online business community as a whole.

“We have long warned that personal data nabbed in one heist can be used to launch other, socially-engineered cyber attacks,” said Paul Ayers from the data security firm Vormetric. “Today we finally have confirmation of such an eventuality.

In the last year, many major company security networks were hacked, including Stubhub, Target, LinkedIn, eBay and Neiman Marcus. This lead to a crackdown on security processes from the business end, but what can consumers do?

We’ve previously mentioned the need for a strong and memorable password and this case definitely echoes the need to make sure your information is secure.

Scammers are constantly evolving, this is exactly the reason why you need to protect yourself and stay on top of your personal security. Especially with a case this, if a particular customer used the same password for lots of different of online accounts, the hackers could have gone on a shopping spree!

An important way to avoid being caught up in this kind of scandal is to keep an eye on your finances, and on your Noddle credit report, that way you have a higher chance of spotting any unusual activity in your name.