Stay Safe Blog Series: Part Three – The Basics

Fraud and security of personal data is currently a hot topic and has become a huge issue as everything turns digital. So we’re running a three part blog series with our resident Fraud & ID Director at Noddle, John Cannon to help you understand how you can best protect your personal details and information.

Simple steps everyone can take

Here are some very simple and easy things everyone can do to prevent their chances of becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft:

Check your credit report. Being safe on social media is just one aspect of helping to prevent fraudsters from committing ID theft against you. You should also regularly check your credit report to make sure the information within it is accurate. This can be done for free using If anything looks incorrect or there have been searches or applications made in your name you don’t know about, query them straight away.

Be careful what you click for. Whilst most people understand they shouldn’t open or click links in unexpected emails, being vigilant can be harder when you receive an email or message from something or someone that you would be expecting. Always check the origin of a message or email, never click on links or open attachments unless you are certain it is genuine. Remember, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Monitor and educate children. Most of us, if we have kids, all let them play on our phones and tablets. While we may be vigilant not to click on or open anything unexpected, kids are less aware and could inadvertently open malware or viruses onto your device. If you do let your kids use your device, make sure you log out of social media sites.

What else can you do?

Checking your bank and credit card accounts regularly as well as checking your free for life, Noddle Credit Report can be one of the best ways to know if someone else is using your details. If you spot anything you don’t recognise then query it straight away as strange searches on your credit report or odd amounts of money leaving your account could mean someone has stolen your identity.  Speak to your bank about what alerts services they offer on your accounts and consider using Noddle to get alerts on your credit report too.

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