How To Protect Yourself From Cybercrime? It Starts With #quickupdates

When was the last time you downloaded the latest software and app updates that pop up on your phone, or laptop? Was it last week? Last month? Last year? Or, is the honest answer that you just can’t remember!  If the latter sounds like you, you’re not alone. The latest government stats, from Ipsos MORI, reveal that the majority of Brits aren’t downloading the latest software update – 70% of people don’t always do this on their mobile phone and 65% don’t do it on their computer.

The most common reason respondents gave for not downloading the latest software updates was that it is too time consuming. Yet, it only takes a few minutes versus the time it can take to recover from a cyber hack. That’s why the government’s Cyber Streetwise campaign is urging Noddlers to get involved and get downloading these vital updates.


Software and app updates contain vital security upgrades which protect devices from viruses and hackers. Our colleagues at CESG – GCHQ’s cyber security arm – tell us that downloading these crucial updates as soon as they are available is the most important action that people and businesses can take to protect themselves from cybercrime.

It can be easy to think that software updates are purely cosmetic, yet they also address security vulnerabilities in software, plugging gaps which hackers exploit to gain access to your devices. Given
that it takes very little time or effort to download the latest software updates I’d urge Noddlers to get into the habit of doing these quick updates.

To find out how to set your device so that it automatically downloads the latest software updates, as well as other ways to protect yourself from cybercrime, visit:

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Peter Wilson, Head of the Cyber Streetwise campaign.