GDPR and you

You may or may not know that the UK has welcomed a new data protection law on May 25th. Known as the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation replaces the Data Protection Act that came into play in 1998.

What changes will it bring?

The GDPR is designed to give you much more control over your personal information. When the Data Protection Act was introduced in 1998, Facebook didn’t exist and no-one had a smartphone, so the GDPR is designed with the digital age in mind. It will mean that you have more of a say over who uses your personal data and you’ll have more transparency around how it’s used.

You can find out more about what personal information is protected under the GDPR and what companies who have your details must do below:

Updates at Noddle

We’ve been busy preparing for the GDPR and one of the changes we’ve made is to give you more options when it comes to how you can hear from us – such as via email or SMS. You’re in control of whether you want to receive information about Noddle products and services and these changes will give you greater choice. From May 25th onwards, you’ll be able to let us know how you’d like to be contacted, within the ‘My preferences’ section of your account.

We’ve also updated our privacy policy and terms and conditions. The updated privacy policy will give you information about how Noddle uses your personal details and how we provide services to you. Our updated terms and conditions will tell you more about Noddle and the service we provide, how your account works and how we interact with you.

Our new privacy policy and terms and conditions are effective from 25th May 2018, and you can find them by visiting: and .