What’s the Equivalent of 1.5 Million Noddlers?

Over at Noddle HQ we are bouncing off the walls with excitement. What has caused such erratic behaviour you may ask? Well the news that 1.5 million people are now accessing their credit report AND score free, forever!

Earlier in the year we were over the moon to announce the number of people signed up to their free for life Noddle credit report had officially reached 1 million and since then we achieved another UK first by offering all our Noddlers their credit score free too! Even with the rest of 2015 still to go we have successfully seen numbers rise to well over 1.5 million. Now, such a large number can be quite hard to fathom so let’s make it easier for you. 1.5 million Noddlers is the same as….


What can 1,500,000 get you?

  • If every Noddle user had a spare pound and clubbed together, they could buy the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz which were recently valued at $1,500,000
  • Or they could purchase the world’s most expensive bottle of tequila, which is valued at $1,500,000 a bottle. Unfortunately it contains less than 1,500,000 shots!
  • A micron is a unit of measurement equal to one millionth of a metre. 1,500,000 microns is about the same height as Danny DeVito!
  • If you were to travel 1,500,000km you could make two full return trips from Earth to the Moon
  • Or, if you were to light 1,500,000 candles all at once, they would shine as brightly as an area of the sun the size of a postage stamp
  • Finally, more people use Noddle than follow David Cameron on Twitter!

What else could you get with 1.5 million? Follow us on Twitter and let us know with the hashtag #noddlemilestone.