What does your Noddlehood look like?

Have you ever wondered how your finances stack up against your neighbourhood or the rest of the nation? Whilst we don’t recommend keeping up with the Joneses, having a sense of where you stand financially compared to others can be motivating and give you a bit of scope on what you need to do to meet your financial goals. That said, we’re proud to launch our new tool Noddlehood!

What is it? Well, we crunched 43 million numbers and analysed the financial profiles of 46 million people across the UK to build a tool you can use to compare your credit and spending habits against people of your age within your neighbourhood. Give it a go and see if you’re above or below the national average and if you need to brush up on aspects of your financial profile to prevent a poor credit rating.



Across the country, the data also reveals that a third of us regularly do our main shop at a ‘quality’ supermarket, while 38% stick to a budget store. Two-thirds of us have money in savings, and just over half have a credit card. The data also revealed some worrying trends; across the country, just over a third of us pay into a pension, and only a third of 25-29 year olds have any savings.

Kingston upon Thames, Guildford and Redhill make up the top three spots for credit card ownership according to data from credit reporting service Noddle, with 75% of households in Kingston upon Thames having at least one credit card. Other commuter belt stalwarts, including Tonbridge, Reading and St Albans make up the rest of the top 10. At the bottom of the table is Sunderland, where just 32% of households have access to a credit card.

There’s a serious point behind it all, however, which is that we could all do with thinking a bit more about our financial profile and what a bank or lender sees when you apply for a credit product – is it as good as it could be? That’s why it’s important to check your credit report regularly to see yourself from a lender’s point of view.