The Alternative Christmas Gift List

Sure you could just buy the regular conventional Christmas gifts but can you remember the amount of times you’ve received socks, toiletries and perfume?  Accompanied by a feeling of slight anti-climax to a year’s waiting for a precisely wrapped and ribboned box of something you’ve been gifted many times over. Well, with this pick of alternative Christmas gift ideas ensure your elected Secret Santa or family member doesn’t experience the same ordeal.

‘Buy nothing Christmas’

Encourage simple home-made gifts that definitely won’t break the bank but more importantly will show you put some extra time and effort into perfecting your personalised DIY little treasure. From nuts and bolts chess set to cool Instagram coasters this guide to 65 awesome homemade gifts has it all. In the Noddle office we’re big fans of the spoon rings! Chalkboard-Mug

Gift that keeps giving

What’s better than getting one present at Christmas? One that keeps giving! Avoid your gift being stashed away at the back of your loved ones cupboard along with their other lonely forgotten presents and consider a potted herb kit will reap benefits months after Christmas. Seed Pantry has some awesome starter packs whilst IWOOT even do a ‘Grow Your Own Chocolate Flowers’ gift kit. On the other hand with magazines on almost any topic a year’s subscription service is great way to indulge anyone from fashion lover to animal enthusiast if your loved one is not so green fingered.herb kit

Charity Christmas gift

Instead of spending money on gifts that may not necessarily be needed donate the money to charity and know you’re making a huge difference to someone’s life whom may not be as fortunate. As a nice way of bringing the family together at Christmas why not choose a charity collectively. The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2014 helps charities match your donations and makes it easy for you to find and support charities that suit your interests.

The gift of saving

Especially great for young children that don’t yet understand Christmas or teenagers with hopes of owning a car or going travelling, why not open a savings account in their name and put some money into it? You could then top it up at other momentous occasions like birthdays and you’ll soon see your single Christmas gift grow in value. goHenry is a simple and easy way to teach children good money habits.

Toilet twinning

toilet twinningGoing back to the idea of giving this Christmas, why not twin your toilet? By ‘Twinning your toilet’ you help provide people in some of the world’s poorest countries access to clean water, hygiene education and adequate latrines. This certainly isn’t your bog standard gift (apologies for the terrible pun), you also get a certificate of your toilet’s twin to hang in pride of place in your loo. To find out more about how to twin your loo and improve the hygiene of those in need just click here or the image on the right.

Finally… the post-Xmas giveaway

What do you do with those well intentioned gifts that you don’t really want?  You might look to bin them or throw them at the back of your cupboard but there are now tonnes of community websites that encourage people to give away unwanted gifts and items. De-clutter your house of anything from furniture to electricals whilst maybe even discovering someone else’s unwanted gift you’d rather have. Freecycle and Freegle are some of the most popular ones.