4 things you’ve done for fun on a budget if you live in Yorkshire

No matter where you move in the UK, you’ll notice that each place has its own unique little quirks and traditions. This is even true when it comes to trying to save a few bob.

If you’re a Yorkshire lad or lass, here are a few things you’ve probably done over the years to have fun whilst watching the pennies.

1. You’ve been to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an open air gallery with amazing views and sculptures. Best of all, it’s free to visit! The park is home to amazing art from British and International artists, including Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. If you’re ever looking for some creative inspiration, don’t pass up the chance to visit the park in Wakefield.

2. You’ve had at least one holiday in Bridlington

We all need a holiday from time-to-time and if you’re from Yorkshire you’ve probably spent one of yours in Bridlington in an attempt to have a ‘cheap break’. Bridlington is popular with all ages, because you can visit the beach and the promenade or visit Treasure Island with the kids. It’s a cheap and easy holiday destination up north – just watch out for those strong gusts of wind at the seaside.

 3. Friday night Curry is a regular event for you

The gem in Yorkshire’s gastro crown is arguably Bradford. Why? Because it has some of the best curry in the whole of the UK. In fact, it’s been named the curry capital for 5 years running. Even if you don’t hail from Bradford, chances are you love a curry. It’s also pretty cheap, meaning lots of Yorkshire folk head down to their local Indian each Friday to enjoy a bargain feast.

4. Countryside walks are your cardio

With some of the most beautiful countryside in England right on your doorstep, you choose to head out to Haworth or the Yorkshire Dales to walk off those calories rather than spend loads of money at the gym. There’s no need to visit expensive cities when you can have a nice relaxing time for a fraction of the price.