Tax credit renewal deadline extended

Tax credit renewal deadline extended

The deadline for renewing tax credits was 31 July but due to strike action, HM Revenue and Customs has extended the deadline to 06 August. 

This means that anyone who hasn’t yet renewed their tax credits now has almost an extra week from today to do so.  When you consider that as of Wednesday 30 July there were still some 550,000 people who needed to renew, this extension will come as a relief to a lot of people.

HMRC have said that they took the decision to extend the deadline because people faced long delays when trying to use the renewals phone line due to industrial action taken this week.

Different ways to renew

If you haven’t renewed your tax credits yet then you need to think about doing it fast. Fortunately there’s now more ways than ever this year to do this including:

Online – For the first time this year, people can now renew their tax credits online. You can do this by going to the HMRC web page by clicking here.

HMRC state that you can only renew online if you’ve received a renewal pack with the codes – ‘Annual Review TC 603 R’ and ‘Annual declaration TC 603 D’

App – If you have a smart-device that uses iOS (such as the iPad) or Android then you can now download the HMRC app. It’s completely free and is available through iTune and the Google Play Store.

Post – You can renew by post by sending your form to:

HM Revenue and Customs Tax Credits
Comben House
Farriers Way
L75 1WB

Phone – You can find the relevant phone numbers (including textphone) for renewing your credits on the HMRC site here:

HMRC advises that you MUST renew by phone or post if your annual declaration has the code ‘TC 603 D 2’.

What are tax credits?

Tax credits are benefits designed to give extra money to people who are responsible for children, disabled workers and some other workers on lower incomes.

There are two types of tax credits which are child tax credits and working tax credits. Many people are entitled to one or the other some are entitled to both.

For more information about tax credits, the renewals process and deadline extension then it’s worth visiting the tax credits site directly by clicking here.