Good finances – is it all in the mind?

When it comes to managing our money, it’s our personalities that can tell us a lot about why we do what we do. That’s why we teamed up with Professor Ivo Vlaev – Professor of Behaviour Science at Warwick University – to look into the psychology of money management.

What we found is that there’s four key factors linked to personality traits that could be tripping us up on the road to financial success:

  1. A craving for instant gratification when it comes to spending
  2. A struggle to be organised with finances
  3. Getting swept up in the moment
  4. Peer pressure and feeling the need to keep up with others

If being better with your money is something you want to acheive this year, then use our tool to find out what really makes you tick. We’ll then match some top tips to your personality so you can see what small changes could help you hit your financial goals in 2018.