Parent survival guide: Back-to-school on a budget

When you have children, it can be a financial nightmare to budget for their return to school while also juggling the rest of your financial responsibilities.

Here are a series of tips on how to master back to school on a budget:

Take inventory

Take inventory of what your children might already have from the year before. If this is your child’s first time at school, then see if their siblings have any spare items. Maybe you even have some spare office stationery of your own? If you’ve gone through this process and still don’t have what you need, add that item to your shopping list. Taking inventory is a great way to save money and avoid waste.

Be a savvy shopper

Keep an eye out for shops offering back-school-discounts (if you’re shopping at the right time they’ll be everywhere). Some stores also offer vouchers or coupons upon check out, you should make sure you compare the prices at each store before purchasing so you can make the most savings.  Here are some of the deals that we found online:

Morrisons stock their Nutmeg clothing range, which offers a whole school uniform, for just £7. You can also get a uniform from Asda with a budget of £7 and George at Asda has just been voted best for value by parents.[1]

For shoes, Clarks are offering £5 off kids’ sports shoes when you buy any pair that costs £20 or more. Just visit Clarks online and enter BSPORT16 at the checkout before 10th September 2016.  [2]

Get thrifty!

Children always prefer to have new things but second hand stores and charity shops can hold surprising gems inside. Instead of going to the high-street stores which can be expensive in comparison, visit your local second hand store to pick up old books or uniforms.

Spend wisely on tech

There’s increasingly more pressure on parents to provide advanced technology like iPads for their children to use in a classroom environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy the latest model. You can buy cheaper later models of the latest tech online, just Google it.

If you follow this guide not only could you save money but it will help you manage your debt repayments by reducing your outgoings during the back to school period. Just make sure to check the success of your repayments by monitoring your credit score.


[1] All accurate as of 16/08/2016

[2] Accurate as of 16/08/2016