Got a Noddle story to tell? Then we need you!

Do you have a story about how your free Noddle credit report helped you out or positively improved your financial situation? If so, we at Noddle need your help!

We’re looking to promote real life stories and testimonials to help other people realise and understand the importance of checking their credit report. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in helping us with then please get in touch – details are at the bottom of the page.

So what are we looking for?

As a Noddle user, you know that checking your credit report is important. Not only is it your financial passport detailing your own financial history but also it can be one of the first indicators if you’ve been a victim of identity fraud.

With that in mind, here are some ideas around what we’d like to hear about:

– Were you turned down for loan, credit card or a mobile phone contract and since joining Noddle you’ve improved your finances?

– Has your Noddle credit report helped you understand your finances and take control of them?

– Has your credit score improved since adding Noddle Improve to your account?

– Did our uniquely tailored credit cards and loan service help you get approved where previously you were turned down?

– Have you been a victim of fraud and used your credit report to help get you back on track? Or perhaps you first noticed you were a victim of identity fraud because of information on your credit report that you didn’t recognise?

– Have you purchased Noddle Identity Protection and since received alerts to changes on your credit report you might not have noticed otherwise?

These are just a few ideas and if you have a story which you want to share with us then please do it!

Get in touch

If you think you’ve got a story to tell and could help us, then please get in touch by emailing us at FEEDBACK@NODDLE.CO.UK with:
– Your name
– A contact number
– A brief explanation of what you’d like to tell us about
– Roughly, when a good time might be for us to contact you.


Thanks in advance
Communications Manager
The Noddle Team


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