Give your children good money habits with goHenry

Give your children good money habits

With financial education being introduced to the National Curriculum in England this September goHenry offers parents and young people a way to continue that learning in the home, giving children and teens the opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience, learning about money the best way they can; through their own experience.

“goHenry is a fantastic way to get children thinking about money,” says Angela Davies, who uses goHenry with her daughter Rhianna,12. “I’m happy to see that financial education will be part of the National Curriculum later this year, but the key driver for money sense has to come from the home.”

Founded by a group of parents who wanted to help their children and teenagers understand how money works in the modern – and increasingly cashless – world, goHenry combines web and mobile apps with a pre-paid debit card with parental controls. There is an online account for parents and a linked account for each child.

“Getting children actively involved in managing their finances on their phones and computers is a really effective way for them to learn about financial independence,” says Angela. “It gives them the confidence and skills they need to be able to make sensible money decisions in the future.”

goHenry gives children financial independence, but it all happens under your guidance; you set spending rules and limits, and can even decide where your children spend their money. All cards are prepaid, too, meaning no debt or overdraft is possible, and you can instantly block or unblock cards via the goHenry app or online.

Easier for everybody

Let’s face it, pocket money can sometimes be a hassle. Never have the right amount of cash. Everyone forgetting who is owed what, for what and when.

With goHenry everybody’s a winner: parents love it because it makes managing pocket money very easy while giving children responsibility for their money. Parents can allocate pocket money automatically, set tasks and chores to help their children earn extra money and even make instant one-off money transfers for those special occasions when children need a top-up.

Children and teens, on the other hand, enjoy the independence that comes with goHenry. Having their own card and account makes them feel grown up and helps them to understand how much they have to spend – as well as how much they’ve saved.

GoHenry phones


“It’s really simple to use and I can see exactly where I’ve been spending my pocket money, and what I’ve spent it on,” says Angela’s daughter, Rhianna. “When I’ve run out of funds and can’t afford something I really want, I use goHenry’s spending features to see what I’ve been buying recently and whether maybe I could have spent my money better. It really makes me think carefully and encourages me to try to plan my spending so I don’t waste money on things I don’t really need.”

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Getting started is simple; visit to open an account online. You will then receive your goHenry cards in five working days. goHenry costs just £1.97 per child per month. You won’t be charged until after your free trial and you can cancel at anytime at no cost.


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