Finding your new home: Expectation vs reality

There comes a point in your life when your daydreams may become a lot more domestic. Suddenly, you find yourself staring wistfully off into the distance imaging what you could do if only you had a garden or the kind of sofa you’d get if you had the money and/or space. Consequently, when the time comes to actually start finding your new home, your expectations can often be a bit too high to say the least. And as anyone who’s moved house in the past will tell you, things rarely go according to plan.

Expectation: You’ll find your dream home instantly, fall in love with it and live happily ever after.


Because now you’re ready to buy, the dream house should just appear right?

Reality: You’re pretty much a professional house viewer. It feels like you’ve seen every house in the entire area.


They’re either not right or they’re too expensive.

Expectation: Getting your offer accepted will be the hard bit.


You’re so relieved it’s over and you feel like you’re on the home straight.

Reality: Getting your offer accepted will be the easy bit.


Need we say more? Mortgages, surveys, solicitors, searches – it can feel never ending.

Expectation: Everyone will want to lend to you because you’ve saved and prepared for this.


You think your finances are pretty ok and you’ve got a deposit.

Reality: You’ll stand a good chance of getting a mortgage if your credit history is in good shape and if the house you’re buying doesn’t reveal any surprises during the survey. Monitor your credit report here.


If walls could talk they might tell you about the history of damp and the risk of subsidence. It can all come as a bit of a shock.

Expectation: Before you know it you’ll be in your new house.


I mean, surely it can’t take more than a few months can it?


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If there’s a chain, you might be in for a long wait.

Expectation: Moving day will be ok as long as you plan for it properly.


You have moving boxes, you have a system for packing up your things and you have a moving van.

Reality: Moving day will likely be stressful and things may go wrong but once you’re in your new home, it will be worth it.


Best laid plans might get blown out of the water but you’ll finally be in your new home and that’s something to be proud of.