Extravagant vs Affordable Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Some may opt to splurge and go for the most extravagant gifts money can buy this valentine’s day but not all of us can afford a £24,000 Platinum mobile phone, like Jay Z and Beyoncé. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the most expensive gifts and their cheaper equivalents to help you have a more affordable Valentine’s Day, minus the stress of money.


Fragrances are known to have a powerful influence over our emotions and memories, which is why they are a classic choice for a romantic gift. From floral scents to woody aromas, a perfume provides a personal and sensuous touch but spending hundreds isn’t in everyone’s budget so here’s our purse-friendly alternative.

World’s most expensive scent, £80,000 – £400,000

Some of the most expensive perfumes in the world can be found in London at an eye-watering cost.* These luxury perfumes most often contain some of the most expensive ingredients like myrrh, oud wood and ambergris. They’re also encased in fabulously designed bottles, some of which are made of gold.




Discount designer or high street, £20-50

Shop smartly with vouchers and discounts and you’ll find a designer perfume at almost half the cost. Look out for deals shortly after Christmas or check out designer outlets; there are a number dotted around the country. Another alternative is to head to the high-street where many shops have started their own lines of fragrances and some of them have a remarkable similarity to the designer must-haves. Pricey marketing plays a big role in some of the biggest designer perfumes.

Romantic Getaway

For those seeking something extra special whisking your date away for a holiday is high up on the romance scale.

124 night cruise, £1,000,000*

Luxury at its best, one of the world’s most expensive cruises takes you on a voyage of 28 countries in 124 days and includes a helicopter pick up. Dining on Michelin- star food is of course a given if you’re spending that much but with a 10 course menu, you may need to wash it down with some champagne and again only the finest.




Weekend away, £200

A much more affordable option is a weekend away in Europe and given our proximity to European countries, you can often find cheap deals if you go at the right time. Look for dates outside of 14th February and bank holidays for the best rates and I’m sure you’re other half wouldn’t mind waiting after Valentine’s Day if it means a little extra in the spending pot. Also, as an alternative to country hopping on a cruise, you could try interrailing or consider one weekend holiday a month. You may even be able to tick off 12 countries in one year.

Spa Day

Everyone deserves a little pampering every now and then, regardless of whether you’re male or female.  The level of luxury will depend on what you can afford but sometimes just some no frills ‘me time’ is all you need.

Lavish spa day, £1,000+

A lavish spa treat at one of the top hotels or spas in the country can cost upwards of £1K and you can get your own suite with a wider range or more exclusive treatments then a regular spa.




DIY pamper evening, £30

If you do it yourself yes, you can actually have a spa-like evening at home. There are some great bath soaks and oils that you can find at supermarkets and department stores to help you create an at home spa. Add in a good bottle of wine for your loved one to enjoy whilst relaxing and throw in a massage, which won’t cost you a penny.


Another classic Valentine’s Day gift is flowers, a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. Red roses are the most popular bloom for many lovers, since the colour suggests deep love. It’s the busiest time of year for florists and it’s no surprise since UK consumers spend an estimated £22m on flowers during this time of year.*

1,000 red roses, est. £2,400**

Last year one besotted Romeo in Uzbekistan treated his lady friend to a bouquet of 1,000 red roses, apparently taking the florist several days to put together. This grand gesture, to say the least, was made up of around 83 dozen roses and left outside the block of flats where the lucky lady lives.




Dozen red roses or alternative twist, Price: £20

The price of roses are usually inflated due to demand during the month of love and the nearer to the 14th you buy them, the more you’ll usually end up having to pay. To get them cheaper, look out for deals on florist websites and voucher codes and order yours well in advance. As an alternative to red roses, which will only last a week, why not give a plant that will live for as long as it’s cared for, like an orchid.

Automotive Enthusiast

For the car lover and enthusiast nothing says I love you more than car-related gift but whether you go big or reasonable will depend on your budget.

Luxury car, £200,000+

Before they split, Russell Brand famously bought Katy Perry a luxury car in a romantic lilac colour*** (maybe to match her many hair colours?). A sure fire way to begin the Valentine’s Day escapades.




Driving experience, £40-100

If spending the equivalent of a small house isn’t on the cards, then something closer to your budget that can still give your partner a taste of luxury cars is a driving experience. We had a quick search online and found some Lamborghini or Ferrari experiences for £39. Experiences like these are really popular and there are driving tracks in many locations across the country so you’re bound to find something fast and in budget.

With the big day creeping up, make sure you do your research and prepare in advance when buying your loved one a gift this year. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and not the price tag, especially if it’s way out of your budget. Don’t pull your purse strings just to impress, take note of our five cheap alternatives or let us know your suggestions.



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