Are you stressed out by out-of-control life admin?

Not having the time to sort life admin tasks like cleaning, making medical appointments, DIY and paying the bills is causing more headaches than ever before. Why? Because as a nation we seem to be the busiest we’ve ever been, making it more difficult to keep on top of these everyday tasks.

So much so that one in five of us (20%)  feel like their life admin is out of control and a third say it’s making them feel stressed, 1 according to our latest research.

What life admin are we neglecting?

Our survey has shown that the top neglected life admin tasks are:

  • Home maintenance (36%)
  • Checking your credit score (26%)
  • Organising social gatherings (20%)
  • Making dentist or doctor’s appointments (20%)2

What could be the consequences?

It seems that our to-do lists are growing faster than we can work our way through them and it’s only natural that this can make us feel stressed and guilty. But the longer things get neglected the worse the potential consequences can get.

This is especially true when it comes to our finances and paying bills, because if you start to fall behind, it could have serious implications for your financial health. 16% of those we spoke to admitted that they’d fallen behind on their financial obligations as they’d not been spending enough time on their life admin and 14% said this had affected their credit score.

That’s why it’s so important to remember to check your credit report, at least once a month no matter how busy you are. By doing this you can keep track of your payments and make sure the information there is correct. It’ll also give you the opportunity to see any changes in your credit score over time – meaning you’ll be more clued up about the information a lender will use to consider you if you decide to make any future applications for things like a mortgage, credit card or loan.

You can check your credit report whenever you like for free with Noddle. Log in now.

What can you do to get on top of your life admin?

We all live busy lives and it can be hard juggling work, families and our life admin. That’s why we’ve come up with five ways to help you keep on top of everything…

  1. Stay focused and set aside a bit of time each week to be productive. Commit to working through a few life admin tasks before you settle down to watch TV one evening, or set aside an hour on a weekend. By doing this, you’re more likely to keep on top of things.
  2. Break things down into small chunks. That way, rather than feeling like you have to spend hours on your life admin you can tackle things in smaller, more manageable ways. Take a look at your to-do list on a weekly basis, then set aside 15 mins to get a couple of tasks out the way each day. You’ll soon have everything ticked off by sorting things this way.
  3. Keep an eye on your progress and success. Rather than putting things off, start by working through your to-do list gradually and see things getting ticked off and moving forwards. It’ll give you a great sense of achievement, and keep you motivated to keep going.
  4. Juggling life admin can be hard alongside a busy work and social life, so it’s always best to look at what the most important tasks you have to do are and make sure they’re at the top of your list.

Try this formula: To help prioritise tasks, you can split them into four different categories:

1. Those you need to do today (urgent)

2. Quick wins (easy)

3. Complex and important (difficult)

4. Longer term tasks (non-urgent)

Then take a look at your to-do list and flag which task fits into which category. This will help you come up with a plan of action and means your focus can be spread across all categories and not just the quick, easy ones.

We hope you’ve found this useful and feel more in control of your life admin. Budgeting can help you keep on track of your finances too, so find out how you can get started here.


1 Noddle commissioned Opinium Research to interview 2,007 British adults online from 23rd-26th July 2018. Results are weighted to be representative of the UK population.


2 See Figure 1 for a full statistical breakdown


Figure 1. table shows full breakdown of the most neglected life admin tasks (base: all participants that do life admin)

Doing DIY/home maintenance36 %37 %35 %
Checking my credit score26 %27 %26 %
Organising social gatherings/and or parties20 %19 %20 %
Making appointments (e.g. dentist, doctor, hairdresser etc)20 %16 %24 %
Doing your dry cleaning15 %16 %13 %
Returning unwanted online shopping orders12 %11 %12 %
Booking a holiday11 %14 %9 %
Managing finances (e.g. going to your local bank branch, online banking, telephone banking)10 %12 %8 %
Taking your car in for a MOT/and or service at the garage6 %8 %5 %
Paying bills (e.g. credit card, gas, electricity, Wi-Fi, rent, paying friends)6 %8 %4 %
Taking your pets to the vets6 %7 %5 %
None of the above30 %28 %32 %