5 Money Tips for your Holidays

Going on holiday can be expensive once you add up all the little costs. While you may not want to scrimp entirely as you take time out and enjoy some relaxation in the sunshine you probably don’t want to splurge your cash either. Knowing where to reign in the spending can be helpful in saving some cash whilst still enjoying your holiday so here are a few of our top tips for summer for a thrifty trip .

1. Don’t panic buy your currency at the airport

  • Airports usually offer poorer exchange rates and you could also end up paying high commission charges. Plan ahead when buying your currency as you will often get a better rate which will mean more cash in your pocket to spend on your holiday. Plus, with the strength of the pound fluctuating amidst uncertainty over a potential Brexit it’s a good idea to get your foreign currency now if you’ve got any holidays planned to help ensure you get a decent rate. You might find the best deals online but don’t forget to check delivery charges before you order.

2. Get yourself an overseas spending card

  • Overseas spending can be confusing and with the extra fees and charges the costs can quickly mount unless you do it the right way. Getting a specialist credit card can minimise the cost since they typically offer better deals on foreign transactions compared to your everyday credit card. However you want to avoid withdrawing cash on them as you’ll likely have to pay a cash withdrawal fee and the interest rate on this is usually pretty high. Remember to always repay what you owe in full to avoid incurring interest charges.

3. Eat like a local at local prices

  • It might sound like a no-brainer but try to avoid the regular tourist haunts when it comes to eating out on holiday as prices are usually inflated in comparison. To save cash, step outside the tourist zone and find some genuine local dining spots – you’ll get better value for money and often get to experience more authentic cuisine.

Top Tip: Try asking a local  shop owner of places to eat rather than your hotel concierge as the hotel may be affiliated with certain restaurants that they recommend which are likely to be tourist hotspots.

4. Free international sat-nav on your phone

  • As long as you have a GPS enabled smartphone you no longer have to dip into pricey data charges when using your phone to get around abroad. Navmii is a free app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone that allows you to turn your phone into a sat-nav. It can navigate in more than 190 countries and comes with pre-loaded maps, route planning, voice prompts, driver scores, mileage tracking and real-time hazard reporting. Be sure to download it before you go. We haven’t had a chance to test it out ourselves but the reviews for the app look promising.

5. Free app to translate foreign languages

  • Technology is your friend so if you want to avoid the hassle of faffing around with foreign language books download a translation app on your phone. The savvy bit here is there are many free apps now available that are pretty good in their own right you may not need a paid for version and you can access them offline so you won’t have to use up your data allowance. Touted as one of the best free translation apps the Google Translate app has translates 90 languages and now comes with visual translation allowing you to use your phone camera to translate text in 26 languages.

To save on data roaming charges, you can also download the specific language you’re looking to translate for full offline enjoyment.

There are plenty of nifty ways you can save money on holiday, these are just a round-up of some of our top ways to easily save ££s so you have more to spend on the important stuff, raspberry mojitos by the pool anyone? If you’ve tried and tested any of our tips let us know how you get on and if you have any personal holiday saving tips we’d love to hear from you!

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