Why don’t I have a credit score (and how can I get one)?

Unfortunately, not everyone has a credit score and report. This is because you need to build up enough of a credit history for us to populate a report.

Not being able to retrieve your credit report is usually a result of one or both of the following:

  • You’re not on the electoral roll
  • You don’t have enough previous experience of borrowing money

The good news is that it’s possible to rectify both of these things over time, build your credit history and access your Noddle credit score and report.

Tips for getting your credit report

Get on the electoral roll

Being on the electoral roll is important because it allows lenders to verify that you are who you say you are. You’ll also find that the longer you’ve been registered at your address, the more confidence it gives lenders, as it shows stability. It’s easy to sign up and you can find out how to register here. It’s also worth bearing in mind that registering to vote doesn’t mean you have to vote.

Explore credit builder cards

If you’ve not taken out much credit in the past, such as a credit card, loan or mobile phone contract, there is no record of how you handle paying off debt. To build your credit history you need to start borrowing small amounts of money regularly and then paying it back. Luckily, credit builder cards are designed for exactly this. They come with a low credit limit to make it easier for you to control your spending and limit risk for the lender. However, they do generally have a higher APR, which can make it more expensive to borrow from.

Use Noddle Credit Coach

If you sign up to Noddle and we don’t have enough information to generate your free credit report and score, you will have the chance to access Noddle Credit Coach. This is a free service we offer that contains all the information you need to help you build a credit history, including more detail on the above tips. Simply sign in to your Noddle account, read through the advice and create your credit building strategy.

Be patient and keep at it

Unfortunately, you can’t build a credit history overnight. It takes time. However, while you’re credit building, we’ll keep checking to see if we’ve got enough information on you to generate a free credit report. Once we think you’ve built your credit history up enough, we’ll let you know.