The Electoral Roll and Your Credit Rating

Did you know that not being on the electoral role could affect your chances of being accepted for credit, such as loans, credit cards, and even mobile phone contracts?  It’s one of the first things a lender may check in order to combat fraud, so if you’re not on the register some lenders may automatically turn down your application, as they cannot verify your name and address. Don’t delay, register today!

What is the electoral roll?

The electoral roll is a list containing the names and addresses of everyone in the country who is entitled to vote in UK elections. Simply paying taxes or being British isn’t enough to get you on the list – you need to register.

Why should I register to vote?

Voter registration has changed and individuals are now responsible for registering themselves, as opposed to automatic household registration.

Not being on the electoral roll can have massive implications on your credit worthiness and you can be refused credit, as lenders use it to verify your name and address. This also applies if you’re registered to vote at an old address or you haven’t registered the correct details. It will also have an impact on:

  • Getting insurance
  • Getting access to public services
  • Job applications, especially in the financial services sector
  • Your ability to open bank accounts and receive other financial services

Why does it affect my credit rating?

Your presence on the electoral roll provides valuable proof of your address to lenders. It shows lenders that you live where you say you do and how long you’ve been there. Remember, part of being approved for credit is about ensuring the lender is confident you’re going to pay them back and a stable living arrangement helps with that.

If your name is registered on the electoral roll, lenders are likely to see that as a positive sign, as not being registered increases the chances of the application being fraudulent. So whether you’re hoping to be accepted for a credit card, a mobile phone contract or a mortgage, make sure you are on the electoral roll.

However, this information won’t show up on your credit report immediately after registering so to make absolutely sure potential lenders know you are registered. It is best to register some time in advance of making your application.

Being on the electoral roll doesn’t mean you then have to vote and not voting does not affect your credit rating – but not being registered to vote does.

How do I get on the electoral roll?

You can do it online at About My Vote or Registering online is super easy, you just need a few pieces of information such as your NI number and it only takes a few minutes.

It’s as easy as that and even if you don’t exercise your right to vote, you know you’ll have given yourself a better chance of successfully applying for credit.

If you are not eligible to vote you can put a note on your credit report explaining this and ensure all other details (name and address) are correct.

Already registered to vote?

In January (2015) news came that 1million people had fallen off the electoral register due to the switch from household to individual voter registration. You can see if you are still registered or that your information is up to date by checking your Noddle credit report under ‘Electoral Roll’. If you find you are one of the many to have dropped off the register you can re-register at

Don’t forget if you’re registered to vote at an old address or you haven’t registered the wrong details you will need to go back and change this information.