How does Noddle get its data?

Noddle is part of the Callcredit Information Group, which is one of three credit reference agencies in the UK. Callcredit provides the data that helps Noddle create your personal credit report and score, but how does Callcredit get this data in the first place?

To answer this question, we’ve broken down the journey your data takes from sourcing, to credit report, to reaching other lenders.

1: Lenders and other organisations, such as local councils, submit records of your data to credit reference agencies (CRAs) like Callcredit.

The information sent by lenders, councils and other organisations to CRAs can include electoral register data, any county court judgements made against you, your past and current credit agreements and how much you owe to lenders and your repayment history.

2: Callcredit then processes your data.

Callcredit receives data from the data suppliers and adds it to its credit referencing database. The DPA doesn’t require CRAs to have consent before processing your data, as long as they have sufficiently compelling legitimate reasons for doing so. When an organisation performs a credit check they can request access to the data Callcredit holds on you, which brings us to steps three and four.

3: Callcredit uses the information they’ve collected from different sources to generate a credit report and score, which is available through Noddle.

As a consumer, you can use your credit report to get an idea of how lenders might see your creditworthiness and get an accurate view of all of your financial data. Your credit report gives you a 360° view of your finances so you can make informed financial decisions, such as when considering applying for a new credit facility.

 4: Your information is then shared back to lenders as a credit report when you make an application for credit.

Lenders will also use the credit data provided by CRAs, as they need an accurate way to assess your creditworthiness. They’ll use your credit data to see how well you’ve kept up with credit card or loan repayments, whether you have any county court judgements or other financial arrangements that could affect your ability to repay them.

5:We then continue to receive regular updates from lenders, which help to keep your credit report data up to date.

This happens every 4-6 weeks, which means that this, coupled with the 7 day refresh period, can cause changes to take up to 7 weeks to be reflected in your Noddle report.

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