Make January purple not blue

It may officially be Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year – today, but we’re pledging to help you make January purple instead of blue.

How are we doing this?

At this time of the year, it’s easy to feel a bit blue. The dark nights are still here, the weather’s rubbish, the bills from Christmas are rolling in and everything just feels a bit bleak. But we believe January can be a great time to get things sorted and set up for a great year.

And we want to help you start this off with your finances.

Let Noddle help make 2018 the year you get out of the blue and into the purple by…

Improving your credit score

Your credit score is a really important number in your life. It can influence what credit applications, such as loans or credit cards, you’re likely to be accepted for and also the rates you’ll receive.

There’s are a number of ways you can improve your score, including:

  • Making sure you make your payments on time
  • Getting yourself on the electoral roll
  • Closing any unused accounts
  • Trying to keep your card balances under 25% of your available credit

Read more information here.

Having a plan in place to clear any outstanding debt

If you’re dealing with any debt or a financial hangover from Christmas spending, try and take a step back to consider what you can do to help clear this. By getting a plan in place and breaking things down into more manageable chunks, it can make things feel less overwhelming.

There are free debt management tools available too, find out more here.

Reaching a savings goal

Been meaning to put a few pennies aside for a while but never got round to it? To help 2018 be a good year for savings, have a think about what your end goal is. By doing this, you’ll have something to aim for and be more likely to see things through.

It could be a holiday you’ve been dreaming of, it could be those home improvements you need to make or it could be for a big life event that’s coming up, like moving house or getting married.

Consider where you want to get to by the end of this year and then commit to putting aside a certain amount each month. If you can, arrange for a direct debit to pay into  a savings account each month to help achieve your goals.

Saving for a house deposit? Read some top tips here.

Taking control of your personal information

With the threat of data breaches higher than ever, we want to help Noddlers take control of their personal information in 2018. A good place to start with this is by taking a regular look at your credit report. We recommend you have a thorough look over your report once a month. You can do this by logging in or signing up to Noddle.


By regularly checking your credit report you can keep on track to see that everything looks as it should do. Look out for any activity that you don’t think looks right, for example if there’s any accounts there that you haven’t opened.

Did you know? You can now access your credit report on the go with the Noddle app. Download it from the Google Play Store or App Store now.