What should you do if you wish to dispute something on your Noddle credit report?

The information you see on your Noddle credit report is based on data that’s provided to us by financial organisations, local authorities, courts and insolvency services. If information isn’t right on your credit report, it may well be incorrect with these organisations so it’s important to look into things further if something.

What should you do if something doesn’t look right?

Changes to your credit report are dependent on us getting an update from the data providers, and this happens every 4-6 weeks. Together with the 7 day refresh period, changes can take up to 7 weeks to show on your Noddle credit report.

If you think the error goes beyond these timings, you have a couple of options:

  1. Contact the lender that the information relates to. For example, if it shows that there’s an outstanding debt on a credit card that you’re sure you’ve never taken out, you could speak to the card provider
  2. Alternatively, you can raise the issue through Noddle (as long as you’re signed up and are a Noddle customer)

How can you raise the issue through Noddle?

You can raise and manage the issue yourself by logging in to Noddle. Click on the ‘My Credit Report’ tab at the top, which will bring your report up. You’ll find a button beside each account on your report which will allow you to tell TransUnion UK of any problems you have with the information on your report and they’ll then notify the lender and ask them to investigate.

Your can then keep a track of things by going into the ‘My Account’ tab and then ‘My Disputes.’

If you prefer, you can write to TransUnion UK about any inaccuracies. They’ll pass this on to the relevant lender on your behalf and respond to you within 28 days. Remember to include any supporting evidence (such as letters or statements from the lender involved.) You can send your letter to TransUnion UK, Dispute Team, PO Box 491, Leeds, LS3 1WZ.

Will you be charged a fee to raise a dispute?

Everyone has the right to dispute any information they think may be incorrect under the Consumer Credit Act and you’ll never be asked for payment to do so.

What happens after the issue’s been raised?

You’ll receive an update from TransUnion UK within 28 days of raising a dispute. You can also keep a track of things by going into the ‘My Account’ tab and then ‘My Disputes.’

Will raising a dispute impact your credit score?

Raising a dispute won’t impact your credit score, but you may see an improvement in your credit score if the dispute is resolved in your favour.

How long will it take to get something corrected?

If the data provider has agreed to amend any account information, this will be reflected in your credit report the next time the lender provides TransUnion UK with account performance information. As mentioned, this happens every 4-6 weeks and together with the 7 day refresh period, it could take up to 7 weeks to show on your credit report.

We hope you found this useful. If you’ve got any more burning questions about your credit report get in touch by messaging us on Facebook @noddleuk or tweet us @useyournoddle.