Which approach is best to keep me safe from ID theft and fraud?

You know about the different threats to your identity and accounts from fraudsters and you’re looking for ways to keep yourself safe. However, when you ask for help, you’re given so much information that you don’t know which tips you need to follow, which are good to follow but not essential and which, if any, you can completely ignore.

Unfortunately, when it comes to security, there is no silver bullet and you have to do lots of things simultaneously to stay safe. Don’t despair though, because we’ve got your back! The table below list all of the different bits of security advice you might have heard over the years and lets you know which ones you need to start applying immediately and which you don’t.

How can Noddle help?

As you might be able to tell from the above table, Noddle can help you protect against identity theft and fraud, thanks to our free-for-life credit report and Web Watch product.

*Retailing at £20 p.a. For more info, sign up to Noddle if you’re not a member already and find Noddle Web Watch in the ‘Noddle Extras’ tab.