Month: October 2016

How to switch energy providers without the headache

British households are getting savvier when it comes to their energy bills. According to Ofgem’s Consumer Engagement Survey 2016, 43% of people now find it easier to compare tariffs, up from 37% in 2014[1]. However, just 15% said they’d switched energy supplier in the last 12 months and just 17% had changed tariffs. The common […]

6 ways to winter proof your home

Summer is over and for some it’ll be a happy respite from the sweltering temperatures, but now you’re probably thinking about how to keep the cold out rather than inviting it into your home. Not only will you want to keep cosy and warm but the winter weather can also leave your house fairly vulnerable. […]

Are you at risk of financial fraud?

Fraud is one of those things that many people are aware of but believe it will never happen to them. However, figures from Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) suggest that the threat of financial fraud is greater than some people may think. In the first half of the year (January-June), the cost of financial […]

Are you one of the 14% seriously worried about finances?

Brits are worried about the state of their finances, according to new research from Credit Cards[1]. 14% admitted to being concerned about their finances, with 15% saying they often run out of money before the end of the month. In fact, 6% rely on credit cards to cover their costs. With Christmas just around […]

Are you an indoorsy?

Are you secretly the sort of person who can lose weekends snuggled up indoors watching TV or does the thought of being cooped up inside stress you out?  Take our quiz to find out and discover some thrifty tricks for enjoying the winter months no matter whether you’re an indoorsy or an outdoorsy.

The financial news you need to know with Sarah Pennells – October 19th 2016

Off on holiday? Don’t buy currency at the airport Now, if you’re off on holiday, you and I both know you shouldn’t buy your currency at the airport. That’s a sure-fire way to get a rubbish (not a technical term!) exchange rate. But some of us still do it and it could mean you have […]

Winter is Coming – Switch to a Cheaper Energy Deal

Some of the UK’s largest energy suppliers have reportedly been barring customers from some of the best gas and electricity deals, which means you could be getting a cheaper deal elsewhere¹.  As temperatures drop you’ll naturally be upping the thermostat and increasing the amount of household energy you use, so switching energy suppliers should be […]

The Big Noddle Energy Switch makes energy easier

Alice Memminger is just one of many Brits who has struggled with rising energy costs over the last couple of years and, like plenty of others, didn’t feel like she knew enough about the energy market to switch to a better tariff. Here she tells us her story about how getting involved in The Big […]

The Financial News You Need To Know with Sarah Pennells – October 5 2016

Sarah Pennells is a personal finance journalist and the face behind We think she does a great job at explaining financial subjects in a very clear and accessible manner. You can find her column below where she writes about the latest financial news, and helps you get more from your money. Best energy deals only […]

How is your energy bill actually calculated?

energyhelpline shares their knowledge to help you understand how to read your energy bill. Energy bills are really confusing, don’t you think? In fact, a recent survey from USwitch identified that many people believe their energy bills are the most difficult to read out of all their bills and around 60% of people still don’t […]